Indian Friends Fellowship (IFF)

About This Project

History of Indian Friends Fellowship (IFF).

Greetings from IFF in the name of our Lord and the Saviour Jesus Christ. IFF formed for the purpose of giving care to those who are coming from TamilNadu for Construction work. IFF team dedicatedly involved in giving care for the workers, to show the Christian love and to help them, being with them in their loneliness and sorrows, strengthening and supporting them during illness, comfort them in times of depression, motivate them to overcome their challenges and educate them.

IFF has great history to share. The beginnings were filled with challenges as the members encountered in obeying to the Great Commission of our Lord.

In September 1992 the members from Short Street Tamil Methodist Church (SSTMC) and Asian Evangelical Fellowship (AEF) decided to work together on the theme SHARING GOSPEL IS MY PROFESSION .

They started to pray around little India and began to share the Gospel. Rev Prabhudhas, Dr Simon, Dr Victor James, Joseph Maasilaamani, Devaraj, Rajaram are the pioneers of this mission.

In 1994 more brothers joined to the fellowship. Bro Job, Bro Jose, Bro Paul David along with Dr Simon started to distribute flyers and pamphlets around Little India. Dr Simon used to bring new brothers by van. They prayed together at SSTMC and went to mission area in Little India. Brother Maasilamani helped to set up the sound system.

Later when Brother Watson took over the Ministry many people started attending the prayer. He conducted Bible study at his house once a week. Bro Anbu, Rev Prabhudhas, Pas James Nagulan helped the ministry. At that time Pas Nagulan was doing his theological studies in the seminary.

The Gospel started to spread Island wide. Gradually the Bible College Students from India and Srilanka started to help the ministry. Rev Ebinezar Mohan, Rev Terrence, Pas Chellathurai, Bro Hariharan, Bro Avinash ,Rev Samuel Subendhiran were the students who offered their time and support to the Ministry .

Along with the Prayer and Word of God the ministry of IFF stretched Island wide. The First cell group was formed at Geylang by Brother Augustine. Bro Moses Selva started English class at Jurong. Bro Watson, Bro Job and other friends started to meet new people at Phoenix Garden. Bro Venu, Bro Sridhar, Bro Philip and some new souls joined the ministry.

In 1995 Brother Barnabas, Bro Premkumar, Bro Prince and Bro Dharmaraj started to lead the Fellowship. With the dedicated intercession with God and serving hands the Gospel spread faster to migrants. Many people joined and benefitted from the fellowship. The fellowship became a family for the lonely people.

Sister Wilma member of Kum Yan Methodist Church Started English class at Joy Lodge Marsling . With the help of Bro Ruben from AEF, Christmas celebrations was organized in the Dormitories. IFF provided food and gifts. Certificates were given to those who are eligible for Graduation.

Spontaneously the cell groups are started at various Dormitories by brothers. It was a great joy for the workers to know Jesus and His love. The brothers created good relationship with the attendees and invited them to their homes as guest.

Since then, progressively many brothers joined the fellowship. They offered more care to Dormitory residents. Under the leadership of Bro Barnabas many events and activities were initiated Island wide regularly and occasionally.

Every Labor Day is a joyous occasion for dormitory residents. Volunteers gathered people at Schools and conducted indoor and outdoor games. Gifts and food were given. On all public holidays visiting interesting places in Singapore along with new friends and brothers were organized. It helped them to forget their sorrows and problems and motivated them to move forward.

IFF started Computer classes in few Dormitories by on Saturdays. Many residents joined and got promoted in their job and earned more salary from their workplace. IFF with Marthoma Church conducted Evangelical rallies twice a month. Many brothers benefitted through this ministry.

With great anointing and calling many brothers started supporting the ministry. This ministry became a model for many churches to start the foreign workers ministry.

God is work so wonderful. By His grace all the ministries and missions are continuing. Circuit Break and Covid 10 could not stop us. All computer classes, AutoCAD and English classes are going via zoom. Cell groups too were conducted through Zoom. We continue to help friends who are in financial need during the lockdown.

Due to the fellowship activities many brothers received Christ and are baptized. They were well equipped in the Word of God to become disciples, which helped them to start their own ministry, being leaders of a team, and many of them became good preachers and teachers.

Our mission is to reach every soul to say Jesus is knocking your door through care and concern.