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Cell Group

Bethel Fellowships are catered to the many families that make up the church. The groups gather in the homes of its members every last Saturday of the month to pray, listen to the Word of God, share their Christian experiences, and fellowship with and encourage one another. Programs are centered around 5 core values:

Love – Grow our love for God and each other, expressed through prayer and action.

Learn – Read and apply the Bible to our lives and learn from each other.

Serve – Work as a team to serve the church and community, encourage each other to use and develop our gins for God.

Reach – Welcome newcomers into an inclusive group, pray for others to come to know Christ.

Multiply – Continually grow through disciple‐making.

Bethel Fellowship is a monthly fellowship gathering at the homes of our members upon their request. Its objective is:

To touch the lives of the families that opens up for BETHEL Fellowship through Christian care and concern.

To pray and exhort these families in their Christian walk.

To care, pray, exhort one another and the families (Heb 10: 24, 25).