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In consideration of the use of the church facilities requested, I confirm the following:
  • I have inspected the premises and found the premises to be safe and suitable in all respects for the intended activity;
  • I understand that the Church may suggest a nominal donation to cover a portion of the utilities and other direct costs in making the premises available and not for compensation. I agree to make a donation of the amount specified above. I understand the charge is less than the market rate and includes no contribution towards liability insurance for the activity.
  • On behalf of myself and those who will be participating in our event, I and we release the Church, its Executive Committee, Pastors and employees from any claims, damages, costs, expenses and any other compensation of any kind, arising out of our use of the premises. This includes any injury or property damage or other loss which may be sustained by me or any of our party whilst at the premises or otherwise participating in the event.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to provide appropriate insurance for the group participating in the activity.
  • I agree to indemnify the Church and hold the Church harmless from all claims filed by parties injured or suffering damage from our activities on or about the premises. This includes damage to any Church property.
  • I understand that I am responsible for returning the facility in the same condition which I found it, which includes ensuring furniture is returned to its proper place, turning off all lights, air-conditioners and other equipment and closing windows.
  • I agree to abide by the Guidelines for Use of Premises, as updated from time to time.
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Rules & Regulations

  1. Booking by telephone is not allowed, however you may call to make inquiries if date is available.
  2. Application form must be submitted to the Church Secretary during office hours or slipped under the office door if the Church Secretary is not available.
  3. Application must be submitted at least one (1) week in advance.
  4. There may be more than one (1) group meeting in the room if the need arises at any time.
  5. Use of air-conditioners

    For Sanctuary & Social Hall

    The use of air-conditioners during meetings is not allowed if the group consist of fifteen (15) persons or less. Only ceiling fans will be used. Air-conditioners can be switched “ON” if the total persons attending exceed fifteen (15).

    For Faith Room

    Only air-conditioner/s for the particular room that is booked can be switched on.

  6. All furniture used for the meeting is to be returned to its original place.
  7. The decision of the Management is final.
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